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Introduction to Service Agreements


Understand the basics of service agreements with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to protect your interests as a service provider or client.

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A quick reference guide on which Service Agreement to use from the templates.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Cover websites and situations where one-off services are provided. Usually not negotiated or signed – deemed acceptance by using the service.

Service Agreement – Long Term

Regular, continuous or long-term supply of services. Both parties intend for the services to continue indefinitely and thus require more detailed terms.

Service Agreement – Small Work

A Contractor performing a small piece of work for a Customer that requires workmanship for a fixed price. Suitable for renovation or other handy work.

Service Agreement – Consulting Work

A Consultant performing professional services with specific deliverables for the Customer by a professional charge-out rate.

Service Agreement – IT Work

An IT Company performing service (i) with specific deliverables or (ii) longer-term technical support for Customers.

Contracting Agreement

General Agreement between Company and a Contractor in respect of certain services to be provided by the Contractor to the Company

How to use this Document?

This is a general summary of our Service Agreements and does not constitute legal advice. As each jurisdiction may be different, you may want to speak to your local lawyer.



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